salvador herreraSalvador Herrera is a psychonaut who has extended his inner universe through cinematography, experimenting mainly with animation and video. His expression is not limited to the screen and other electronic devices, but also a plastic exploration through drawing, painting and sculpture. As a visual artist he understands technology to unfold himself creatively as extensions of the nervous system, in order to manifest tangible representations of altered states of consciousness.

Salvador Herrera Garnica
Moving image artist / director

Animated shortfilm BLUE (2005)
Co-direction, animation, editing, post-production and sound design

Animated shortfilm The practice(2006)
Direction, animation, editing, photography and sound design

Animated shortfilm Needle (2006)
Direction, script, animation, photography and sound design.

Animated shortfilm Dream who woke (2006)
Animation and sound

Fiction shortfilm Alix and Mark (2008)
Director of photography and postproduction

Fiction shortfilm Pornography (2009)
Director of photography

Animated shortfilm And nothing will remain umpunished (2009)
Executive producer

Animated shortfilm Impregnation (2010)
Direction, animation

Animated shortfilm The dinner party (2010)
Animation codirection (The Blackheart Gang), cinematography

Audiovisual piece Kelvin (2011)
Visual artist

Audiovisual piece SCREEN HISTOLOGY (2011)
Visual artist, animation, post-production, sound

C.R.T. Histologic Waves Sample Braun (2012)
Visual artist, animation, post-production,

Disaggregated School for children of Taxidermists (2012)
Audiovisual piece in collaboration with Peter Friedeberg
Direction, production, animation and postproduction.

Extended Emotions (2013)
- "Love to you feel even through this medium ..."
- “Just two more days left to see us ☺"
Audiovisual piece commissioned by Movistar Mexico
Direction, production, animation and post-production

-Frame by frame animation workshop at FÁBRICA DE ARTES Y OFICIOS FARO DE ORIENTE (Mexico City, 2006 /2007)
-Animation workshop (initiation) at BORDER CULTURAL CENTER (Mexico City, 2007)
-Workshop Coordinator, Analogue animation techniques at NATIONAL SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, UNAM  (Mexico City, 2008)
-Analogue animation workshop  at BORDER CULTURAL CENTER  (Mexico City, 2008)
-Teacher of Integration of knowledge workshop at LATIN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY (Mexico City, 2009)
-Professor. Principles of Animation at LATIN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY (Mexico City, 2009)
-Pixilation workshop at the International Animation Festival CUT OUT FEST (Queretaro, Mexico, 2009)
-Animation workshop for children at CASA TALAVERA within the 26th edition of the Mexico Festival.
-Workshop: Video intervention with animation at  LATIN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY. (Mexico City, 2010)
-Workshop: Stop motion in the urban enviroment at BORDER CULTURAL CENTER (Mexico City, 2010)
-Workshop: Sound representation with clay at the second edition of CUT OUT FEST International Animation  Festival (Queretaro, Mexico. 2010)
-Workshop: Sound representation with clay at 9 ZEROS Animation school (Barcelona 2010)
-Workshop: Introduction to animation at IES FORUM 2004 (Barcelona, 2011)
-Workshop: Sound representation with stop motion at HANGAR Centre de producció I recerca d’arts visuals (Barcelona, 2011)
-Workshop: Sound representation with animated drawings at XVI for Young Art Shows Horta-Guinardó Stripart (Barcelona, 2011)
-Workshop: Movement in time at TECNOLÓGICO DE MONTERREY(Queretaro, Mexico 2012)
-Workshop: Experimental animation at GRACO ANIMATION TRAINING (Mexico City, 2012)
-Workshop: Generating visuals at BORDER CULTURAL CENTER (Mexico City 2013)
-Workshop: Experimental animation at GRACO ANIMATION TRAINING (Mexico City, 2013)
-Workshop: Stop motion in the urban enviroment at BORDER CULTURAL CENTER (Mexico City, 2013)
-Workshop: Sound representation with light animation at ALUMNOS47 (Mexico City. 2013)

-Conference: From the collective to the individual and joining forces for the development of independent projects during the second edition of CUT OUT FEST, international festival of animated shorts (November 12th, 2010, Queretaro, Mexico)
-Conference: DIEZYMEDIA, retrospective. during 17th independent cinema festival in Barcelona L'ALTERNATIVE (November 17th, 2010, Barcelona, Spain)
-Animation category jury during the first edition of the International University Film Festival LANTERNA (Mexico City,  2011)
-Jury. Anima studio and Cut out fest prize for the production of animated shortfilm (Queretaro, Mexico. 2011)
-Conference: DIEZYMEDIA animation collective, during ABASTO, week of cultural exchange at MUJAM Cultural Forum (March 1st, 2012, Mexico City)
-Conference: The experience as an animator and visual artist. Organized by Cut Out Fest, Libertad gallery and Ciudad Q  (March 23rd, 2012, Queretaro, Mexico)
-Masterclass at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda", invited by  CONACULTA , the National Institute of Fine Arts and the ENPEG (May 3rd, 2012,Mexico City)
-Conference: DIEZYMEDIA animation collective for Young entrepreneurs of graphic design in Mexico event at the National School of Plastic Arts of the UNAM (May 17th, 2012, Mexico City)
-Conference: Psychedelic experiences during the road show of Cut Out Fest at Vértigo gallery  (May 19th, 2012, Mexico City)
-Masterclass: DIEZYMEDIA. Parallel Dimensions and audiovisual experimentation during the audiovisual media festival ROOM 5 FEST at the National School of Plastic Arts of the UNAM (May 31st, 2012, Mexico City)
-Masterclass: Animation experience at Graco Animation Training (June 30th, 2012, Mexico City)
-Conference: Experience making audiovisual content at the Sor Juana Cloister (October 12nd, 2012, Mexico City)
-Conference: DIEZYMEDIA animation collective, during the International Animation Festival CUT OUT FEST (November 2nd, 2012, Queretaro, Mexico)
-Masterclass:  Animation as a means of expression during the American Cathedra, a tribute to Carlos Fuentes, of the University of Veracruz in the Contemporary Art  Gallery of Veracruz (March 16th, 2013, Xalapa, Veracruz)


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